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Dec 30, 2020

Written by Tom Clark and presented by Erik Jones

History and the Bible give us examples of zeal and passion. Are we passionate about the most important things? Or are we being distracted by other passions?


Dec 23, 2020

written and presented by Joel Meeker

There’s much to fear in today’s world. Our worries can easily spin out of control. Here’s how to overcome fear and live with confidence according to the Bible.


Dec 16, 2020

Written and presented by Erik Jones

Jesus is returning to earth, but what happens afterward? Will He stay or go back to heaven? What did Jesus say in the Olivet Discourse about His second coming?


Dec 9, 2020

Written and presented by Jeremy Lallier

Why did Jesus include “Thy will be done” in the model prayer that He gave the disciples? What exactly are we praying for when we ask God to do His will?


Dec 2, 2020

Written by Neil Hogberg and presented by Clyde Kilough

In the context of the historic struggle between Islam and Christianity, it seems European Christianity is dying out. But is a resurgence around the corner?