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Sep 30, 2020

Written and presented by Jeremy Lallier

One of the hardest things Christians are called to do is turn the other cheek. Yet it’s what God expects us to learn to do in our interactions with others.


Sep 16, 2020

Written and presented by David Hicks

The label Christian is given generously, but being known as a disciple is rare. What’s the difference? What do these words tell us about how God wants us to be?


Sep 9, 2020

Written by by M. Noland Morris and presented by Erik Jones

In the 75 years since World War II, have we learned how to avoid another world war? Or are we headed toward a worse one? Will there be a World War 3?


Sep 2, 2020

Written by David Treybig and presented by Clyde Kilough

The Bible speaks of a seventh trumpet that will sound before Jesus Christ’s return to earth. What does the sounding of this last trumpet mean for you?